Who we are

We are students situated in different parts of the world, who curate student projects for their online and editorial publishing. We receive student projects from all over the world and upload it to our blog and at the end of the semester, create a magazine (digital and in print) that holds the best 50 student projects* of the semester, including work from of universities around the world. The projects are picked by renown architects that we like to call our mentors and partners, but also jurors.


Our mission

Our mission is to create and promote student engagement around the world. To connect design students with each other, no matter where they are located through competitions and online posts. We also want to make sure student projects are exhibited and deserve the attention they should get by instilling ways to make students work harder to participate in our competition and magazine, to show off world-wide and to be recognized.


Our purpose

We believe that students should get more recognition for their ideas, concepts and hard work. There have never been any design/architecture student blogs created or magazines ever released, but we would like to change that. We want to show off our projects, show everyone that we, students, are the next generation of professionals that will change the world one concept at a time.