Thunder in summer: The winners of Pritzker Award 2017.

“Thunder in summer”: The winners of Pritzker Award 2017. // RCR Architects of Catalonia, Spain, received the award because they raise the universal category, the local values and maximize materials such as iron, recycled steel, plastic, wood, glass and the stone to bathe them to contemporaneity.

The Fourth Revolution: The Digital Era

We are in this new era of architectural design where the technology around us has been helping us so much in the actual design of projects. Parametricism is a new way of finding a code in nature and actually finding information for it to create a completely new design. It is very interesting in the fact that this new revolution we are in will completely change our notions of cities and buildings and actually connect us more as people.

RS: Architecture in Space | Issue #3

We looked at several examples from the finalists to NASA's competition about designing 3D printed habitats. Why 3D printing? Because it is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build on another planet. Sending materials from Earth would cost too much, and we need technology to help us build our future in other planets.

Music and Architecture

Rhythm has much to do with the pattern. Patterns can be found in both music, through beat and repetition, but can also be found in shapes or structural elements in architecture. The texture in music has to do with the layering of different sounds and rhythms with different instruments. Materials in architecture can also display texture.

Illusionism in Architecture: Society of the Spectacle

How can architectural devices which bring about the notions of illusion aid in altering perception, reality and experience? And how can this illusion counter the illusion of the spectacle talked about by Debord? A type of architectural device that could be used in this case is the cinematic illusion.

RS: Creating Architecture in Space | Issue #2

Most architects are used to working with models and blueprints, but how do you design something when you have no terrestrial experience of it? When you have never before seen its conditions and limitations. Being space architects is a hard task, because you must figure out a way to have a functioning design that will be moving in a different gravity or which will be faced with arduous radiation and sun exposure.