As designers… Creatives… And even more so, as individuals, we suffer from self-doubt.

And you may wonder… What is self-doubt? Perhaps it sounds too strong of a word, or too simple in its definition. But self-doubt can chew you up and eat you whole. I have experienced self doubt about 70% of my life, perhaps a bit more. When we live in such a competitive world, ruled by technological innovations where we can check up on others 24/7. Seeing what others are up, seeing what they work on, their abilities and their talents, makes you wonder if you are on the right track. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter the achievements you have had, or the goals that you accomplished, it just matters if other people saw it. Here’s the thing… Only THAT fact should not make us doubt of our abilities or experiences. What makes us doubt is that we start wondering if we want the same things, if maybe somehow…. We should be doing the same?

As individuals we have very particular dreams, and this is what we must always remember. A good thing to do is take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down a few “Whys.” Why do you do what you do? Why are you working on that project? Why are you moving to a different city? Or why do you want to accomplish that dream so badly? If you cannot figure out the why, and if that why is not personal enough, then maybe you need to check again what your purpose is. Next time you feel self-doubt… Next time you feel like you’re less than someone else, think about what led you to this moment and realize that you’re here for a reason. And that the self-doubt will disappear, once you gather up experience and understand that your first steps have to be blinded by trust.

The First One

Here’s the thing… My name is Maria Flores, and I’m eager to share my knowledge with others.
I feel like I’m at anonymous group; however, some of you may already know me through the Podcast, videos, and some posts with my face on it. To all of you, I’m The Archiologist founder, and the person behind the platform.

I’m eager to share the knowledge of others to all of you. Eager to share what it means to be a designer. Eager to influence someone’s thoughts, mentality, lifestyle, way of living… I’m just eager. I’m young, I have a good availability and flexible schedule thanks to my wonderful job. And I asked myself… Why not? I have already brought a lot of attention to The Archiologist platform by creating content online, by sharing the works of others, their ideas and concepts… But maybe this time I want to be selfish and make it about myself. To make it about what I’m thinking about. So here goes nothing…

The Archiologist has always been a blog. A platform to share. But in this space, I will be sharing my thoughts, my ideas, the places I travel, the people I meet, the current work I am doing. I want to share it all with you guys.

Therefore, I will make a commitment. A commitment to blog every day. Say a few words, put together a few sentences… Mostly because I want to be consistent and have it flow easily. Welcome to my life.