Who we are

We are a collective group of students with a passion for architecture and the arts. We started with the idea of sharing research and analysis through a platform and website. As we started growing, students and professionals started to be interested in sending us their full projects for publishing and we saw it as an opportunity to share the knowledge that every person possesses to the outside world. Every person is a master at doing something, be it software, beautiful graphics, or design itself.

The name

 Archiology is a fun way to recognize Architecture and the arts as a field of “scientific” study and start a new trend. But more importantly, it is an invitation to start investigating Architecture as a phenomenon and as a historic precedent of ideas and concepts over time. To challenge and research the built-world around us. It is a term created and given to the revival and study of the architectural and artistic field. The field is neither dead nor has been lost, but there should be a bigger awareness worldwide about these topics.

About the Magazine

 To share all the awareness worldwide, we designed a magazine. Which will have topics from known professors, critics, and student/professional projects. As of now, we are developing two editions that will deal with categories such as cultural projects, housing/residential projects, city planning, landscape and master planning, infrastructure and transportation, etc...

We are...

Collaborative magazine for students and professionals || Together, WE can make the future of Architecture + Arts known


Based in Miami, Florida

Email & Phone

(954) 549-7471


Use the form to be in contact with us! If you would like to ask any questions, have any suggestions or just want to say hi, we will answer immediately!

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