iheartblob // We are exploring the idea of the Architectural Object. Our discipline invests so much meaning into objects that they develop a metaphysical existence of their own; this coupled with advances in technological tools is driving us towards a singularity wherein the role we serve as architects is clearly vague.

Infrastructural Infill: Fantastic Offense

Fantastic Offense: The urgent reality of the affordable housing crisis in growing cities around the globe illustrates a desperate need for diverse strategies that can become the underlying framework of the future city. Simultaneously, alternative models for housing within cities lacking the mechanisms to meet future demand must also anticipate hybrid functions beyond basic shelter if they hope to attract the varied workforce that underlays the competitiveness of the city in global markets.

Arqupuntura: Ramón Borja Castillo, Marina Lopez, Francisco Muñoz

Arqupuntura: Ramón Borja Castillo, Marina Lopez, Francisco Muñoz // The project to renew Plaza de España in Madrid is included in the international contest promoted by Madrid Council in 2016 to make real one of the most expected urban works in the last years.

Frame House and House of Many Moons: CAZA

Frame House and House of Many Moons: CAZA // CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects) is a Brooklyn-based design studio, workshop, and think tank with offices in Manila, Philippines; Bogotá, Colombia and Lima, Peru. CAZA’s team consists of design professionals from around the world who envision an optimistic future for architectural thinking and informed experimentation.

Giant Cicero: Carlos E. Inigo

The new Cicero Mega-shape engages itself, through the analysis of Route 66. In specific through the economic lens & the emerging economic impacts. It is also of importance to acknowledge the automobile evolution and its tangible connection with Route 66.

Confórmi: Davide Trabucco

Confórmi (conformi.tumblr.com) is an archive I started one year ago, to manage my visual references. It is a personal work. instrument that puts prominent or neglected elements in relation, which are already present in our collective visual mind and culture. The work acts on the formal and aesthetic level with images that are immediately understandable, even to the uninitiated.