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The Archiologist Magazine

The Archiologist Magazine is a publication containing winning student projects. It is the result of a biannual competition we hold per semester: we are interested in displaying the best student projects from every part of the world so they become exhibited and shared with great honor. The magazine is found in both print and digital version. It holds student projects in various categories.

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Hospitality
  4. Cultural
  5. Institutional
  6. Landscape & Planning
  7. Infrastructure & Transportation
  8. Installation & Object

The result is a shareable source book for the exchange of design concepts and ideas. We are cultivating the practice of sharing ideas with one another, even if the other person is located 5,000 miles away from you. We believe that students should get more recognition for their ideas, concepts and hard work. There have never been any design/architecture student blogs created or magazines ever released, but we would like to change that. We want to show off our projects, show everyone that we, students, are the next generation of professionals that will change the world. 


As well as featuring stuent projects, it features articles by known architects and theorists, full page spreads by designers in every branch of artistic careers: architects, digital designers, interior architects, sculptors, professors, among others. 


Internationally registered with a International Standard Serial Number (an internationally accepted code which identifies the title of serial publications). 


Go to our online store, where you can find the two different versions of The Archiologist Magazine. Our online store is very secury and allows major credit cards.



Issue #1

The first issue was released for pre-sale on January 5th, 2018.

It was the amazing outcome of a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter on June, 23, 2017, the global communitythat helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. Through this platform we were able to collect 130% of our initial pledge, thanks to 110 backers. We had help from students, architects, writers, sculptors, designers, parents, family and friends, but most importantly they were all our followers! 

We are proud to say that our project has been completed to its full capacity, and we are also proud to say thank you. To everyone that helped us out and believed in our project. Thanks to all of you who were the pioneers to start the project and for giving us the ability to keep going with it for further time to come.

Thanks to:

Aikaterini Paitazoglou, Alejandro Antonio Aguirrechu, Aleksander Dushaj, Alexander Schweitzer, Ali Bakshi, Alina Parshukova, Alina Sanina, Alison Peiwen Huo, Andre Lim Fang, Andrea Bulloni, Andrew Morrison, Andrew Stewart, Annette Miranda, Archipane, Ashish Bhandari, Ashley Maine, Brian Yee Liu, Brunilda Gonzalez, Bryan Maddock, Bryan Rayo Balandra, Bud Franck, Carlos Carreno, Carlos Taffin, Choi Chi Hong, Claudia Busch, Claus Sprotte Kofod, Cristian Camacho, Cristian Chavez, Daniel Rodriguez, Daniel Tabet, Diogenes Gomez, Diogenes Neo Gomez, Djung M Le, E. Irving, Ebrahim Poustinchi, Edmund Tan, Edward Gomez, Emmet Sutton, Eric Kuczek, Eric Wang, Erica Sheldon, Helen Galanis, Houman Khosravi, Ismael Segarra, Jaime Canaves, Jakub Dobrucki, James Brillon, James Frolow, Januar Yanto, Jean Delfin, John Keillor, John Stuart, John Zhune, Johnny Ramos, Jorge Rodriguez, Jose Lacruz Vela, Julia Sarduy, Julian F. Ramirez, Juris A. Flores, Justin Jed Robles Zumel, Kenny Yeak, Kevin Garcia, Kevin Patterson, Lénárd Grossmann and Stefan Grossmann, Licett Carreno, Madeline Aaberg, Madeline Louise Nolan, Marcelo Ertoteguy, Marisol Martinez, Mark Terra-Salomao, Mary Alvarez, Mateus Gibson, Mathias Delucchi, Max Strang, Mike Chiappa, Mohamad Ammar Darwich, Mohammed Alkhalifa, Nadia Marzagalli, Nick Gelpi, Nick Gochnour, Pedro Ferrazini, Pedro Munarriz, Peng Xie, Peter Hsi, Phillip Goodbread, Polina Timchenko, Rahid Cornejo, Rosirys S. Assiso, Santiago Daneloglu, Sara Valente, Sebastian Cilloniz, Seni Agunpopo, Shenn Cheong, Sophya Vega, Stanley Tan Hanjie, Stepan Nesterenko, Susan Maine, Sydney E Farris, Tiakum Ao, Timothy Percival, Ty Skeiky, Vadym Mylostiuk, Visahavel Parthasarathy, Wang Daxuan, Xiomara Cordero, Yannette Hernandez, Yoel Flores, Zean MacFarlane, Zhifei Xu, Zhoumin Hui.

1. Issue #1 was released with 150 student projects. However, for the upcoming issues, we have decided to lower the volume of students to 50.

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