Cover Competition Issue #2

Cover Competition Issue #2


Only ONE (1) Submission allowed per person.

Due Date: February 24th @ 11:59 PM EST Time
Voting time: February 25th — March 4th
Final Winner will be announced after voting: March 5th

The Archiologist Magazine is a publication made by students for students. Our team has already taken a lot into account when looking at fonts, the design of interior pages, projects and categories arrangements, etc... Now we want YOU to help us out. We want YOU to design something along us; to design the most important part of every book: THE COVER.

After payment, you will have 24 hours to download our ZIP file. In the file, you will get:

• Logo

• Font we use (Helvetica)

• JPEG files of examples

• Information Package with important information

• Submission link found on folder (or

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Start with an A4 (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches; vertical page) that represents our cover page. We want our logo to be somewhere on the front and a text signaling “Second Issue”. You can do ANYTHING you want to the cover. We want to see your creative skills and also one of your best project pictures.

We are looking for simplicity. Just remember that “Less IS More.” We are looking for interesting designs as well, things that catch our attention. We do not want a collection of images for the cover, we just want an image that says a lot. We are also looking for some type of “white space”. We do not want the cover to look FULL, instead we want there to be a balance between used space and blank space.

Out of all the submissions we receive, we will share all of them on our website in a poll format and whoever receives the most likes will win. We are students just like you, we also want to get your take and perspective on who should win! So remember that if you have entered in the competition don’t forget to tell all your friends, colleagues, professors, and family to like your design on our website.