(Advertisement) Home Page Advertisement (Half)

(Advertisement) Home Page Advertisement (Half)


2w. Home Page Advertisement (Half)

Your advertisement will appear on our front page under the “Highlights” section.

You will need a banner sized image in landscape orientation. Your advertisement can have some text information as well which will go below the image. Approx. 100-200 word count.

Resolution: 300 dpi
Size: 16:6 aspect ratio
Orientation: horizontal only
Stay length: one month

Price — $80

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The Archiologist offers a range of ways to reach our global audience of architecture and design students, professionals, professors, critics, designers, and knowledgeable consumers. Our options include social media posts, stories, website banners, competitions, and editorial promotions.

The Archiologist’s community is educated and global. They rely on our multimedia platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Website for inspiration, education, and networking, as well as finding the right tools to exhibit their projects and to gain inspiration. Our content also helps them find the resources to help bring their work to the spotlight.

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The Archiologist is the world's first influential architecture and design platform to target students and young professionals, holding an online content as well as a printed and digital magazine, with an audience of thousand visitors each month, only in our social media platforms. Although we have been active for 2 years, since 2016, we are continuously growing and expanding our content day by day.

Every day our editorial team publishes a curated selection of the best international and national architecture, interiors and design projects by students, professionals and firms. Plus news, precedents, articles, events, and other content that could be of aid for our audience.

We have a highly active community of design professionals and knowledgable consumers including a large and a rapidly growing social network following. If you are looking to target the architecture and design vertical or an audience of affluent, educated and creative young professionals then The Archiologist remains the place to be seen. We are constantly growing and making our content more interesting and different from the competition.

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