Online Submission Entry

Online Submission Entry


What does the $12 include?

• single project submission for on-line student projects (This is a Guaranteed submission)
• magazine competition entry for a chance to be featured in magazine among 50 of the best three-month period projects
• exhibition and single social media post on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
• information package

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Since our start, we have been receiving many online project submissions. Such as master theses, course assignments and personal work. We urge you to not stop doing so. It is amazing to see everyone’s projects around the world and we would like to continue making this page into a place where we can share all our knowledge and techniques. We are constantly looking for the best projects that we can feature on our platform. Online submissions are accepted all year-round. 

Interesting projects that go past “architecture” and start looking at societal links, environmental, and other types of topics that relate to new innovative techniques in Architecture. 

We are looking for full presentations, anything ranging from process models and drawings to final boards with plans, sections, diagrams, renderings and model pictures.