Music Apparatus 1: James Bowman Fletcher

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Music Apparatus 1
by FLR & 227768c
Inflatable filled with breathable haze obscures vision to heighten other relationships: An environment can be understood as an extent that is constituted by a particular equipment structure. An equipment structure operates across scales, mediums and temporalities. We would like the project to be understood as an apparatus due to its intentions to reconfigure the auditory and visual components of a music festival’s equipment structure.
Music is understood as the precursor to the festival of music. Therefore this apparatus attempts to disallow the visual in search of other relationships with music. The project uses an assemblage of elements across multiple mediums. Subsequently, a performative intervention reconfiguring the user’s conventional equipment structure is generated.
An envelope of inflated polyethylene enables a breathable haze to interrupt the user's visual field. A mixture of haze machines and air machines (fans) materialize both the intervention’s haze and its polyethylene envelope. The assemblage of haze, fans and envelope heighten the user's’ relationship with the auditory environment of the music festival by intentionally undifferentiating and flattening the visual field. We tried our best to make the polythene envelope nothing...