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Hello, we understand this might be a lot to read, but please do read carefully before you consider sending us your work. There are many different ways to submit your work, so read which option might be the best for you!

Since our start, we have been receiving many project submissions. Such as master theses, course assignments and personal work. We urge you to not stop doing so. It is awesome to see everyone's projects around the whole world and this page, to be a place where we can share all our knowledge and techniques. We are constantly looking for the best projects that we can feature on our platform.

Interesting projects that go past "architecture" and start looking at societal links, environmental, and other types of topics that relate to new innovative techniques in Architecture. We get around 10+ student/firm submissions daily.

We usually pick the projects depending on important ideas: overall visual beauty/representation of the project, how concise and strong is the idea you are proposing and finally, how complete the project is. We are looking for full presentations, anything ranging from process models and drawings, to final boards with plans, sections, diagrams, renderings and model pictures.

There are many different ways to submit your project. Check them out below.

1. Instagram Tag: By tagging our username on your pictures on Instagram or using the hashtag #thearchiologist

Pros: 1. Easy method (no need to send us the picture through email/web) 2. Same project can appear more than once 3. Can tag more than 1+ pictures and all are considered 4. Student can be featured in different weeks, not just one

Cons: 1. Small feature on web and printed publication 2. Sometimes, if not specified, student name/university/nor project description will be made public. (We gather information from the post, if info is not stated, we will leave it blank)

2. Whole Project Submissions: Email

Unlike Instagram Tags, Whole Project Submissions are more worthy of recognition. In project submissions, we gather all information student has sent us: name, university, project description, jpeg images, etc... And we showcase it on our website and on a whole page in a printed publication.

Pros: 1. Can send us many files, not just a single picture 2. Send us more information about yourself and the project 3. More recognition and more space in the printed publication 4. Email submissions are sometimes easier depending on how tech-prepared you are with Internet related uploads 5. More time to send, you can take however long on an email and even save it for later. Online submissions must be made in the moment 6. Instagram web feature (1-2 images from your project will be posted on Instagram)

Cons: 1. More time to open gmail and send the files

How to send through email? Send us an email to the email-adress with the following information:

1. State Your Name (Yes, sometimes people forget) 2. Information about yourself (we also want to know about you) --- Where you study/work at, where you are from, etc... 3. Name of your project 4. Statement/concept about your project 5. JPEG Images of your project (at least 6+) --- We are looking for full presentations: projects that are already completed and have a lot of information such as: diagrams, renderings, plans/sections, model pictures, etc... 6. Instagram username

If we have not replied in around 2-3 business days about your submission status, please send us a reminder

3. Whole Project Submissions: Online

Unlike Whole Project Submissions: Email version, online one is the same exact method, only thing is that you do not need to open your email account to send us your files, you can just do it through here! This very page below. We know sometimes it takes time to write an email and copy all the information you need down, that's why if you are already on this page you might as well submit your project now.

Pros: 1. Can send us many files, not just a single picture (same as email submissions) 2. Send us more information about yourself and the project (same as email submissions) 3. More recognition and more space in the printed publication (same as email submissions) 4. Upload files now instead of later, no need to open gmail/hotmail 5. Gather all information in the moment and move/delete files online 6. Instagram web feature (1-2 images from your project will be posted on Instagram)

Cons: 1. Nothing we can think of

For online project submissions please click below and drop your files. That way you are dropping your files directly into our cloud for us to see.


Why Submit your Work?

A lot of people are probably wondering why should I submit my project? It is actually quite simple.

1. You will get recognition worldwide (our page/instagram is seen by over 10,000 people worldwide as of now. We have followers from every continent and they are students/firms that are looking for the same thing as you: inspiration and success 2. Your project will be featured and showcased on our website and on our bi-annual printed publication. Many people will see your project and who you are. 3. You will be able to show off on your portfolio and state your many features on our platform!

Additional Information to Consider

When submitting your projects, do not forget to give us any portfolio online link to your projects. Anything such as websites, issuu portfolios, behance websites, etc... Where other students are able to reach you and see all of your work.

Remember that we are here to showcase you. All we want is to show you off, everything you have ever done, your amazing projects, and your accomplishments! This is your time to shine so give us your best. All the credit is yours.
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