Talash Center for Youth: Ali Bakshi

Student: Ali Bakshi University: Ned University Karashi, Pakistan

Currently working in DUBAI at the SUSTAINABLE CITY as an architect.

Project Statement

Here through my thesis what I tend to address is the problems of the next generation who are the real catalyst that would bring the positive change in our country. Understanding of their problems and conditions and then targeting desired issue is the aim I pursue in my thesis. What I tend to do is provide platform of opportunities to the young talents that are uncertain or unsure of their future and find no platform to explore their talent while on the other hand I tend to provide opportunity of learning skill to those youth who either due to economical problems or other social problem tend to leave their education and need to earn money to support their family.

Now these are the two segments of young people that fall apart from each other due to the social barriers that our society has created. These barriers are leading to social stratification even among our youth that seem to follow the existing structure created by our society. Through architecture and space we can empower the youth to acquire skills to be economically independent in our society, provide them platform to show their talents they posses and to create a competitive energy to bring the best out of them, to create a space that changes like seasons to address the problems that the younger generation face and to create social interaction among the younger generation through knowledge. .

Knowledge is the basis on which I tend to connect these two segments one those who left their education or are uneducated and those who are in formal sector educational institute.There is light at the end of the tunnel but only if we have the will and patience to pass through. The youth of this country is undoubtedly its biggest asset and it is up to all of us to make sure it serves its purpose in the best way possible.