Re-know Bow Wow: Minhui Zhou

Minhui (Clare) Zhou

Instagram: @mclarepuffinwalker

I'm currently a 1st year M.Arch student at GSAPP
My project is a series of assignment of our architecture drawing class so it's not my original design. I chose the House & Atelier by Atelier Bow Wow for this course and did a representation based on my own understanding to the house.
There are two parts of this course, first is the drawing of the house represented as a colorbook. By doing so, I'm trying to make an interactive study of the space in the building by asking people to color it to show their thoughts about the space.
The 2nd part of the course is to make a physical model, I turned my concept of colorbook in 2D to a doll house in 3D by studying the possibilities of the space and people's different opinions by asking them to rearrange the little furniture pieces and figures in different colors referring to various degrees of activities in different space ( of course it may be totally different to the real Bow Wow house).