345 / Abdul Umaru: BiO'Clock Club

Abdul Umaru from United Kingdom, London; “Originally from Nigeria, I am a 20 year old 3rd year Architectural Designer currently studying Architecture & Environmental Design at the University of Westminster, London with a strong enthusiasm for Graphic Design and STEM Fields. My interests also include augmented reality, afrofuturism and science.”

Website: http://bit.ly/2KeFHND

University: University Of Westminster

Professor(s): Benson Lau, Stefania Boccaletti

Instagram Username: @uxkarr

Name of Project: BiO'Clock Club

Project Description: The BiO'Clock Club is a pre school playgroup situated in the heart of the Golden Lane Estate, Barbican, London. The design proposal aims to encourage its users to garner an interest for their organic surroundings. The structure employs several clever mechanisms to not only enhance its aesthetic but to also serve a functional purpose. From a glow in the dark internal pipe structure that radiates heat in the winter to occuli roof structures that bends light, the design is truly a marvel.

The facilities include a quiet/dry play area, messy play area, a communal gathering area, toilets, a kitchenette and a waiting area for parents when they just need to get away. So what are you waiting for? Bring your children (ages 2-5) to the BiO'Clock club and ignite their interest for the sciences or even just to fascinate them!