Abu Dhabi University: Student Projects

We recently got some really interesting projects from the Abu Dhabi University female section. We are very glad to be show casting them here on our website!

Abu Dhabi Central Fish Market

The project aimed to transform the Mina Fish market in Abudhabi into a landmark that attract people and tourists to spend their time in.

Leen Aissamy

My concept is to create several surfaces wish connect the building's outdoor and indoor spaces together. The surfaces have a triangular form and they are curved to match the sea waves as the building is over viewing the sea.

Esraa Abuelrub

At the beginning of the project I made a small research about sea creatures and found that the Barnacles are interesting in their hexagonal form as well as their shell. However, I inspired the structure, which is a hexagonal shell, from them. After that I designed the skin of the market as an abstract formation for the Barnacles shell.


Aseel M.B

The project aim is to explore possibilities of a new Fish market in Zayed mina port, Abu Dhabi. Focusing on creating exciting outdoor spaces and on people experience inside and outside the building. The folded roof structure is designed using triangulated modules that are supported by tree columns.