284_Adriana Garcia: Jacksonville Culinary Institute

Adriana Garcia Stenftenagel from Caracas, Venezuela: “I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). With Architecture, I aim to bring people together through modernist and contemporary designs..”

Website: https://issuu.com/adrianagarciastenftenagel/docs/adriana_garcia_architecture_portfol

University: Savannah College of Art and Design

Professor(s): Daniel Brown

Name of Project: Jacksonville Culinary Institute

Project Description: Located in Florida, the city of Jacksonville is well known for its business centers, banks and many other cultural points, yet as a major tourist attraction it lacks in the existence of recreational spaces.

This project aims to improve the current state of public spaces in Jacksonville by providing different areas that are opened for the public to enjoy, while at the same time generate a programmatic gradient that ranges from public, to semi private to private.

At the very bottom, all type of users are welcomed to enjoy different public spaces; they start by entering through a park that contains both picnic and gardening areas, a performance center deck, and a playground for the little ones. A farmer’s market and a double height restaurant can also be found at ground level to enhance a better user experience and improve the existing condition of the city. From the third level, the building becomes a Culinary Arts Institute that is private enough for the students to be able to do their activities, yet public enough for them to enjoy their surroundings. Finally, the tower is transformed into a residential building that holds approximately 40 occupants.

Instagram Username: @think2create