10_Arooj Ahmad and Georgia Ntoukaki: Lost Memories of Glasgow

Student(s): Arooj Ahmad and Georgia Ntoukaki

Information: We just completed our masters in advanced architectural design studying at the University of Strathclyde. Georgia is from Greece, Athens and I am from Glasgow. We found it interesting to base the project in Glasgow and compare our different views and ideas about the city to combine it within this project.

Project: The name of our project is the Lost memories of Glasgow.

The project is essentially an exploration into the memories left behind by buildings that are now derelict, under-used and ignored. How architecture today can capture the essence of the spaces and meanings behind those spaces and convey them in a different manner to inspire a connection between people and the place they inhabit was the key idea. The project allowed us to research and study Glasgow in a way that not many people know it to be now. This inspired us to create a sensory museum for the city in which a maze like configuration allows the users to have an embodied experience. The journey from not knowing to knowing and darkness to light was heavily emphasized throughout the design creating an interesting dynamic between emotions, architecture and the city.