276_Aldrin Estillore: Cable Street

Aldrin Estillore from Canterbury: “I am a 3rd Year Student studying in Canterbury School of Architecture with the University for the Creative Arts. I look up to neo-classist architecture with the works such as Ledoux, Schinkel and Sir John Soane with representing and communicating my work to fit the brief but achieving simplicity and elegance in a harmonic manner.”

Website: https://estillore-aldrin.myportfolio.com/

University: University for the Creative Arts

Professor(s): Alex Smith, Sam McElhinney

Name of Project: Cable Street

Project Description: Cable Street is heavily influenced by a multi-cultural and multi-diverse community that it is a microcosm of representing London in an urban scale especially with the subject of food. Using culture as a resource of various countries as a commodity of living. Fundamentally, rice has become a symbol of daily essentially of living across Asia and Europe. My Pulpit will become a monumental celebratory fort that functions as an integral communal gathering space for eating and offering a conversation space for lounging.

In order to Catalyse a narrative about this idea through the concept of protest, my activist and his Pulpit are designed around the idea of production, creating a communal public space, in which the cooking and distribution of the commodity are made into a social event.

Its daily function comprises of a perpetual production, feeding into the local infrastructure of the local community, cycle routes, and the local school as sources of consumers. A process of exchange between the activist and the public consists of rice much to the pleasure of the consumer. Throughout the day this exchange continues, with the smell of Jasmine rice sweet floral aroma - buttery flavor with a grain-like smell or Basmati rice with a signature nuttiness smell collecting in his little micro kitchen.

Instagram Username: @hanrealism