215_Alejandra Cardenas: Retirement Community

Alejandra Cardenas

Hello my name is Alejandra Cardenas. I am a fourth year undergrad from University of Illinois at Chicago and I will be pursing my masters degree in the fall at Woodbury University in California. I love new adventures and being involved in my community.


Retirement Community

Professor: Paul Preissner

For my project I studied the relationship between the Bed, Door, and Window and was most interested by the relationship between the door and window. As you enter the unit you walk into 8’ tall ceiling not knowing the ceiling slopes to a 20’ until you walk around and experience the room. The wall size windows allow each individual to fully showcase a large collection of personal jottings and memorabilia giving full control to the residents to personalize the units as they wish.

For privacy a diagonal partition wall is conveniently located in the center of the room to divide the space between the bedroom and bathroom. 

My retirement community is located along the coastline of a mountain where each unit is slightly rotated so that they are never looking into each others rooms but instead get a full view of the scenery. With dense beautiful foliage the residents are able to enjoy their privacy in their own home or backyard without worrying of someone overpassing their property.