304_Andrea Cappiello: Monastic Archive

Andrea Cappiello from the UK: “My name is Andrea Cappiello, I was born and grown up in Italy. I then moved to London, UK and graduated from the University of Westminster in 2016 with a first class honours in Architecture. I since have being working in London based architectural practice for almost 2 years. I will be going back to study a Master in Architecture in Urbanism at TU Delft this September. I have decided to share with you my final project of my 3rd year of BA. I hope you will find the time to look at this and help me to get visibility as I dream to set a solid network to be able to start my own practice in a recent future.”

University: University of Westminster

Professor(s): Dr. Constance Lau

Name of Project: Monastic Archive

Project Description: The word ‘archive’ generally indicates a working system structured towards the efficient recall of items. This idea of a predominantly passive collection changes when buildings are involved because a work of architecture can be argued to be an existing archive. This understanding further shifts the perceptions concerning the manner in which archives are presented.

The practice of archival research and the resulting contribution to design work will be explored in this 
instance. Key concerns include issues of site, control over the presentation of the subject matter and most
importantly, the role of authorship.

As a response to the secrecy of archival material in Art Galleries and to its inaccessibility, the proposal aims to bring this material to light and also to show the process of restoration and maintenance of the art work and the archive material, in order to express the value of craft, nowadays slowly disappearing.

The Archive Gallery aims to re-establish the beauty of craft and to rediscover the art of making, repairing and publishing of prints, books and manuscripts and also the art of painting restoration.

Instagram Username: @archiello93