306_Andreas Stadlmayr: Autonomous Non-Standard Spaces

Andreas Stadlmayr from Austria: “Young architecture student | passionate and curious about everything the future brings | from a dreamy place on the edge of the Austrian Alps | and currently in London to change my perspective.”

University: University of East London @uel_architecutre

Professor(s): Isaie Bloch @eragatory and Jakub Klaska @jaapub

Name of Project: Autonomous Non-Standard Spaces

Project Description: The project "Autonomous non-standard spaces" respond primarily to the high demand for cultural projects in Prague | Czech Republic and at the same time enormous vacancies on buildings and open spaces right in the city center. Both were caused by neglect during the communist era and the persistent, blocking, political crisis, as well as by the steady, speculative real estate market. People have taken it into their own hands and started independent social initiatives. In the last two decades, to the annoyance of the government, autonomous groups such as "Klinika" have tried to introduce the need for cultural programs into existing empty spaces. This proposal is intended to support this development and provide a sustainable platform for socio-cultural programs from which the people directly benefit, without having to wait for changes by the government.

Changes that would be necessary, for example, in the food sector. Inferior food quality, a high import rate and the insufficient and at the same time expensive offer of organic food must force to rethink. This awareness of regional, healthy food is gradually increasing, as evidenced by the large number of private acreages in allotments in Prague. A market for exclusively regional providers in combination with a restaurant, a cooking school, seminar rooms and a garden strengthens this awareness and offers residents an alternative in the field of consumption and education. The program achieves autonomy by building a community of local producers and consumers to help each other and to cause progress. The aim is to counteract the problems in the food and nutrition sector and to improve the situation in the Czech Republic in the long term.

Architecturally, this project speculates on the one hand on a new understanding of architecture, which is based on the sharpening of tensions between architecture and its parts. With the support of computers, we are able to push our understanding of architecture into an unexpected and previously unreachable spatial complexity, materiality, structure and aesthetics. This creates new unique spaces that adapt to current and future tasks and requirements through heterogeneity and differentiation.

And on the other hand, this project reflects thoughts on how the building expresses the same sustainability as the program that takes place in it. Starting with the deliberate use of a regional material, over the robotic fabrication, up to the recycling of the building, this results in a prospective architecture. Considering the building's entire lifecycle can make architecture more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and at the same time architecturally more complex than ever before.

Instagram Username: @andeas.stadlmayr