190_Ansh Vakil: Los Angeles Co-Habitant

Ansh Vakil

About me: I'm currently in my 4th year at the University of Southern California School of Architecture. I was brought up in Mumbai, India and moved to San Francisco to study architecture at the City College of San Francisco during the Fall of 2011. I transferred to USC in the Fall of 2013 in pursuit of a B.Arch. 

Los Angeles Co-Habitant

Project Statement: 

The concept behind this project is about defining a brand new ecosystem within a familiar urban setting. Give, this project is for a co-living model, it also revolutionizes the traditional housing model that we are familiar with today. What if we could take what we already know about traditional housing, group programmatic spaces so as to avoid any unnecessary redundancies and create a more efficient use of space that is specific to the characteristics of communal living? And that is what is project is about. It takes the nature of your daily live, work, play life and finds a common ground so as to define a brand new ecosystem of social interaction and personal growth.

By merely adopting a simple strategy of pushing and pulling on the site parameters, in elevation, to accommodate for shade, optimize the California sunshine, and provide means of egress; we create a striking shape to the facade that is entirely driven by the conditions of the site, making the archetypal character of this design a timeless icon that paves a way for a new typology for contemporary housing in downtown Los Angeles. 

Through the section you can begin to see how the strict order of the units meets the spatial nature of the public program; almost like the 'live,work,play' diagram being transformed into a physical form of built reality. 

Instagram Username: @avakil