16_Antoine Wendling: Myeongdong Twisted Towers

Antoine Wendling

"I'm 22 and I'm studing in Paris, at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville (ENSAPB), currently in Master 2 (5th year). I made my 3rd year in South Korea in Seoul at Kyung Hee University. I have done an internship in Seoul for one month in Joho Architecture, a korean architect who studied in Paris. I am currently in internship at Ateliers Jean Nouvel (AJN) in Paris, working on National Museum of Qatar in Doha.

I am really interested in towers as they represent the future of our growing cities, and always in a way we dont expect towers to be, that's Architecture."

Website: https://antoinewendling.wordpress.com/



Myeongdong is one of the main business districts of Seoul. Located in the North of the Han River, the site is at the angle of the crossing of two large arteries of the urban context, and few meters away from the most touristy pedestrian street nearby.

Between the Seoul Museum Of Art and the Dongdaemun Design Plaza Zaha Hadid, the idea is to create a "cultural line" by adding the Myeongdong Twisted Towers (161m) and its hanging museum. Étroire a road through the parcel originally been transformed into a public square with a central park, dividing the project into two parts on the ground.

One museum is not sufficient economically, it had to integrate the Office program, filling enough financial necessities of the main program, justifying the importance of raising the floor space being restraint.

Then, to revitalize public space, a shopping center is the first two levels and the first basement of each round, increasing the attraction of users to visit the site. Finally, for the sake of diversity of angles over the entire height of the project, the towers are in rotation on the axis of their heart, providing the apartment at the top as well as the rest of the spaces, views they are each unique.