273_Chanakarn Assavasirisilp and Phawin Siripong: A WALL MANIFESTO at US/MEX BORDER

Chanakarn Assavasirisilp and Phawin Siripong

(Instagram: @bbayy)
(Instagram: @guyguyguyy)

From: Bangkok, Thailand

University: INDA, Chulalongkorn University

About us: We are a team of two. My partner is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and I am based in New York, USA. We are interested in contextual design; from physical context, political context, social context, and cultural context. We believed that the power of architecture could make our world a better place.





In the modern world, We believe that the wall should attract rather than separate. And unlike a generic wall, it will be used for different functions and programs which questions physical borders and proposes transforming the typology of a wall from a space-divider into a functional public space, serving user of any gender, ages and races, promoting social interaction, provoke culture exchange, and improve quality of life at border.

The Project is focusing on exploring ideas and program typologies of a public border park, creating a radical paradigm based on our manifesto. By understanding the context of US/MEX border area, we have proposed various typologies of excitement park activities as a combination of 3 zoning; sports activities, gathering area and relax area, which we believe they could bring a lot of fun to the border, attract and gather people from both side, creating new community paradigms shift at outskirt.