61_Austin Madrigale: The Digital Misfit

Austin Madrigale

My name is Austin Madrigale and I am a sophomore architecture student at Texas A&M University. I am originally from Las Vegas, NV. I'm currently studying under professor Gabriel Esquivel.

Insta: @armadrigale9

The name of this project is "The Digital Misfit"

The Digital Misfit

This studio deals with indexicality and translations from analog to digital and the study of a mid century modern home and a dress by fashion designer Issey Miyake. My project is about the effects of data translation and the use of the glitch as representation to create a programmatic commentary that engages in a new speculation on reality.

When translating from my analog to digital model, the hi-poly, faceted physical model saw a loss of data which resulted in a simplified lo-poly shell. The dress was then used to boolean out the shell which led to even more of a loss in data. Through this digital game of translations from Maya Binary to .obj to .3dm, etc. This digital misfit known as a glitch was introduced. It created misalignments and loss of data that was able to be capitalized upon in the skin of the object and the interior program. The glitch was then used as a means of representation but also used to convey program. The glitch produced spatial articulation with its deletion of the poché and activation of the ground. The glitch also served as a vehicle for a contextual commentary for our site in Houston. Fashion and nightlife in the city was reflected in the building and underground. Above is a retail store, art gallery for Miyake with the underground being a Piranesian club erotica representative of a contemporary "Garden of Earthly Delights." The farther down one goes the more risque the scene becomes. This touches upon speculative realities where censorships of eroticism and sexuality are suspended, blurring the lines of what is accepted to talk about and what isn't.