17_Ayo Rosanwo: Defensive Incubator

Ayo Rosanwo

"I am 3rd Year architecture student at university for the creative arts Canterbury. I have attached a 4 week project recently finished which had a brief of creating'.... a 'crib' for an activist of your choice which helps them broadcast their cause in the built world'"

My proposal: A defensive incubator

My activist/protest: BlackLivesMatter

This project was provoked by an event which occured during the summer of 2016, involving the fatal shooting of Philando castile filmed and streamed live by his girlfirend on facebook. I was particularly interested in the empowerment she felt at the time by having a phone with a video recorder. The project is underpinned by this particular moment, where surveillance and technology becomes a mechanism for self defense. The project explores ways in which the ‘incubator’ can act as a device which enables my activist perform his duties as vigilante against police brutalism at a local and also urban level. At an urban level, my activist repurposes telephone boxes around london into satellite photography dark rooms and surveillance nodes. These nodes in turn help him respond to events quickly and efficiently.