52_Caleb Baldwin and Faiza Mehmood: Transparent Hutong

Caleb Baldwin and Faiza Mehmood

I am a fifth year architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I'm originally from a small town in Kentucky called Livermore. I'm currently working as an intern at ZED Architects and I worked for Jurassic Studio Prior to that.

Faiza Mehmood and I are partners on this project. She is also a fifth year architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She transferred to IIT into third year from the NUST School of Art, Design & Architecture in Islamabad, Pakistan. Faiza and I both worked for Jurassic Studio prior to our current employment. She now works for Woodhouse Tinucci Architects in Chicago.

Transparent Hutong: The Spectacle and Afterlife of the Beijing Winter Olympics

The transparent hutong is a proposal for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 which puts forward an iconic, historical Chinese urban design strategy in current day context by the use of new parametric zoning and a play on transparency through projections and connectivity - an aspect in high demand in our time.

This project is made for the event and the afterlife so that the country has something to represent their great economic strength in the world and the locals, to the smallest scale, have something they can easily adapt to and keep growing in. The project also addresses environmental issues. Since it's designed to live a much longer life span, there's a stress on the need for good infrastructure in order to make the hutong successfully inhabited.