194_Renata Berta & Pedro Ferrazini: Island’s Wound

Renata Berta & Pedro Ferrazini

Year: 2012

Function: Hostely at the island

Instition: School of Architecture, Planning and Design. National University of Rosario.

Nationality: Argentina

Contact: renataberta@hotmail.com – pedroferrazini@gmail.com

City and date of birth: Rosario, Argentina, 07/06/1989 – Rosario, Argentina, 18/08/1988

Tuthor: Arq. Gustavo Cataldi – Design Workshop “Marcelo Daniel Barrale”

Island’s Wound

Brief description of the project: “My inner side i reflect. Im that spark that explodes when i see you, im that dry woods that overtakes me when i don’t have you and im also that combination of calm and chaos that constantly dominate my mind. Im those trips i will never take, and as im trying to define whether im substance or pure emotion, i see the world from outside making myself into the landscape i live in” Matt Wisniewski