Blasphemy: University of Nebraska Student Work

University of Nebraska Student Work ---

Brian M. Kelly

ra, ncarb Associate Professor of Architecture 2014-2016 Killinger Professor of Urban Design

219 Architecture Hall University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Instagram: @_brianmkelly
I was the lead professor and I co-taught with David Stasiuk who is a part time lecturer in the College of Architecture.
Project 1: Blasphemy looked into parameterizing historical precedent in Grasshopper, this time focusing on the dome and oculus through 2 projects (Pantheon and Pallazetto dello Sport)


“Because of its primitive origin, the roof is seemingly our most local element. The roof in fact originates from a condition of continuous exchange - never a single source but a process of constant change and updating… the roof was used by the powers that be to express social status and political stability (while remaining flexible for regime changes)…” Rem Koolhaas et al, “Roof” in Elements p.403 Open-source design is inherently iterative. It is reworked and refined though various authors in an effort to continually and incrementally increase its impact. Blasphemy asked each design team to develop a series of phenotypes which adhere to the systemic logic of the genotype while testing the limits of that system with variable organizational performance-based strategies. While the function of the space inside the dome was highly meaningful, design teams also found that the specific form was not as intimately linked to the program it encloses.
Design Team 1: Sarah Barazi, Noel Castro Corona, Holly Craig, Virginia Gormley, Chris Reeh
Design Team 2: Omar Al-Mulki, Mallory Lane, Erin Miller, Joshua Petersen, TJ Von Riesen