174_Laurie Charron and Myriam Assal: The Very Long Building

The Very Long Building

Laurie Charron-Lozeau, Myriam Assal

Winter 2017 Third Year Studio

Studio Instructor: Fabrizio Gallanti

Myriam Assal and Laurie Charron-Lozeau design a Very Long Building for the new scientific campus of Université de Montréal in an old railyard between the Parc-Ex and Outremont neighbourhoods.

They intend to humanize the megastructure by creating large public spaces, considering pedestrians and cyclists at the heart of their project. 

The campus is organized around a large public courtyard meant to be used by residents of surrounding neighborhoods and students alike. It also aims to reconnect the neighborhoods with a system of pedestrian and cyclist bridges that surmount the railway tracks that remain on site.