153_Chenta Tsai: TR4NSIT

Chenta Tsai

Tutor Fernando Quesada

University Polythecnic university of Madrid

Instagram @chentatsai

My name is chenta tsai, musician, architect and artist specialized in political and socio-economic narratives in urban and domestic spaces.


The current housing inefficiency is not only due to the obsolescence of the policies of housing but the inability of finding an eligible answer to our domestic habits and realms. The radical transformation in the family structure, in gender roles, social inequality, mass migration and temporality have demanded the search for a new mode of living for the new domestic entity – The Post-Internet Nomad. A globalized entity unattached to conventionalisms and traditions whom, without feeling the need of pertinence or attachment displaces from city to city according to his labor or demands.

Transit responds to the necessities idealizing a global franchise of tower complexes interconnected between them, intervening on post-industrial infrastructures to facilitate mobility in developed countries. The access to the towers will be facilitated by acquiring an annual membership card. The interior of the tower will offer four types of domestic space per floor according to timescale based on the biennale of venezia – Hours|Days, Weeks, Months and Years.