151_Cristian Camacho: The Fragmented Barricade

Cristian Camacho

University/firm name Woodbury University
Instagram username @camachaso

The Fragmented Barricade: A Veteran Rehabilitation Complex

Description of project Injuries sustained by war, either physical or mental, can linger for many years to come and as a consequence unforeseen challenges are not being handled in a timely manner by government agencies. Therefore, by proposing a location where veterans can help and aid returning and departing soldiers to a better life while serving and transitioning out of the service. The idea for this veteran complex, located on Wilshire Blvd in the Veteran Affairs property, is a place where veterans help service members’ transition out of the military into the civilian world and prepare incoming service members to the military lifestyle. Aside from veterans helping veterans, this complex will house an actual Forward Operating Base (FOB) for rehabilitation purposes. Although it is uncommon to have any FOB constructed in the city, this will provide some veterans to utilize the structures as a means of rehabilitating their mental needs by coming back to a familiar space and hopefully coping with their demons. This FOB can also be a place of escape from the real world, even though they will not be obligated to stay for certain amount of days or weeks, they can come for as long as it is needed and surround them with the chaos that war carries. Veterans need a place where they can come to and release their anger, frustrations, pain, etc. other than a controlled environment led by experts that have never experienced the actual consequences of modern warfare.