338 / Dan Whelan: Paradise Regained

Dan Whelan from Australia/Melbourne; “Dan is a design driven Graduate of Architecture, living and working in Melbourne. He is passionate about sustainable design and community building, believing that quality design should not only respect the surrounding environment but should be ever forward looking in its approach while remaining timeless. He believes architecture should not only be ascetically appealing and functional, but like art, make you feel something. With a strong skill-base in architectural design, documentation and visualization, he creates unique designs challenging the status quo.”

Website: http://danwhelanarchitecture.com

Competition Website: https://architectureau.com/articles/competitive-territory/

University: RMIT University | Melbourne | Australia

Instagram Username: @danwhelanarchitecture

Name of Project: Paradise Regained

Project Description: Paradise Regained is a sculptural gesture and ecological stepping stone for native flora and fauna located at the underutilised Power Street loop site in Melbourne, Australia. The proposal seeks innovative and creative ways in which to design green space within the city, decreasing storm water runoff and creating a rare urban paradise in which native flora & fauna can flourish. The towering bulb structure emerges from the ground creating a visual boundary for the arts precinct by linking the existing Melbourne Arts Centre spire and the tower on the ACCA site. Shade and shelter is provided for native bird life and water is stored away for the hot summer months, while the core of the structure allows a place of refuge for birds to nest and be safe from ground predators at night.

Shortlisted - Transurban creative ideas competition (2015) Published - ARCHITECTUREAU + LANDSCAPEARCHITECTUREAUSTRALIA (2015) Published - Landscape Architecture Australia (Issue 147, August 2015)

"While there were engaging and challenging outliers on this spectrum, the two that best demonstrate the negotiation between artful occupation and functional futurism are the Horti-Cultural-Tower by team HAU and Paradise Regained by Dan Whelan. Paradise Regained uses a very large sculptural gesture to store stormwater and provide an ecological stepping stone for the migration of various species. This giant sculpture also intends to advertise its role as habitat creator." — Competitive Territory (ArchitectureAU)