163_Deborah Garcia

Advisor: Peter Testa


This Is Not Your Thing


All museums construct ideal paths through a collection of objects, and construct particular ways of seeing. This cultural phenomenon of viewing art in such specifi c ways is a clear remnant of a longer history of cultural consumption laden with the rituals and decorum of an out-dated dialectic betwen the museum and architecture, between art and its container. This project rejects the museum typology as that of the passive neutral art context because there is no such thing. This project is not interested in the particular history or past of what may or may not be its precedents and predecessors. Beyond the specifi cs of what games you think it plays, or what jokes it thinks it knows - at its core is the spatial and geometric riddle of inversion, attraction, and close-proximity. The architecture, the art objects, and the viewer are but the cointainer within which the relationship between visitor and visited must come to terms. Where intimacy between objects allows one to find everything anew.