141_Edmund Tan: The Ruins of Bluecoat

Edmund Tan

Full name:                      Edmund (Hong Xiang) Tan

Institution:                     University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Current Year:                 3rd Year BA (Hons) In progress

Instagram Name:           @edmundthx

Nationality:                    Malaysian

About Me:  Undergraduate architecture student with strong visualisation
skills; Capable of working in a close-knit team with either leading or supportive role; eager to learn and improve. Currently seeking exposure to the real constructive environment and pursue a career in architecture.

S C H O L A R S H I P   &   A C H I E V E M E N T S

Davies Laing & Dick Scholarship                                                 Sept12 – June14
ISA-Area Competition (First)                                                        June 14
Liverpool School of Architecture whole school project (First)         Jan 14
120 Hours architecture competition (Merit)                                  Feb 14

Liverpool Micro Competition - Present/ Presence (First)              Sept 15
Liverpool Micro Competition – Rebench (Merit)                           Sept 15
Winter Stations 2016 (Merit)                                                       Nov 15

O T H E R   C O M P E T I T I O N   E N T R I E S

ASA 2016                                                                                  March 16
Moontopia 2016                                                                        Jan 17


A D D I T I O N A L   C O U R S E S

Architectural Association Visting School Kuala lumpur                   July 15
Architectural Association Visitng School Cebu                               July 16
Havard Project for Asian & International Relations
(Environment & Sustainability delegate)                                       Aug 16


W O R K I N G   //   C A R E E R   R E L A T E D   E X P E R I E N C E

NL. WAN Architect, Achimery Sdn. Bhd.                                     2013
BEP Akitek Sdn. Bhd.                                                                    2014
VERITAS Design Group Sdn. Bhd.                                                2015
RSP Architects Sdn. Bhd.                                                             2016


The Ruins of Bluecoat

Project Duration: 2.5 months
Tutor: Marco Iuliano

About the project :

The project is connected with Bluecoat, in my view the most lively art gallery in Liverpool, also because they are dedicating part of their 2017 programme - which focuses on 300 years since the building’s foundation - to concrete.

The Project – a concrete gallery

In 2008 Bluecoat reopened and a new wing was added by the Dutch BIQ Architecten

(http://www.biqarchitecten.nl). The mission was to engage and innovate the existing building,

making it more dynamic and effective. Eight years after its completion, how did it work? Is it the extension fulfilling all the requirements?

As a final year student, through an open and responsive pedagogy. I will be analysing spaces that are working and effective while placing the whole context on ruins. Thus, emphasising the importance of timeline through grade listed buildings in the UK. Due to its rich history, the project will engage and innovate the existing building through the ruins. Exploring different possibilities with material and how it conditions the spatial and environmental qualities.01

Orthographic Projection of Bluecoat

(Hand drawing and digital illustration)

Dissecting and analysing the wonders of Bluecoat Chambers through historical, analytical, spatial experiences and architectural moments.


The Ruins of Bluecoat

(Hand drawing and digital illustration)

The users of Bluecoat changes frequently from students to hospitals, and once, even a shelter for the Liverpool School of Architecture.

Due to its rich history, the project will engage and innovate the existing building through the ruins. Exploring different possibilities with material and how it conditions the spatial and environmental qualities.

Development Page

Development process

The Video
Analysis of different levels in the building and how all of them meet
Meeting the Old and New

The Promenade
Through the long corridor pieces of artwork are displayed with a connection to the outside
Transgressions of inside and outside

The Flexible Gallery
With flexible settings, one can alter spaces based on a grid form
Flexibility and Adaptability

The Corner
How artwork attracts people and the relationship between the users and public

Exploration of how we perceive artwork

Massing and Spatial models

Building and its Urban Fabric

04, 04-1
The Flexible Gallery

05, 05-1
Floor Plans


07, 07-1
Elevation and Long Section

08, 08-1
Elevation and Short Section