42_Edward Radev: Homi(num)reditus

Edward Radev

I am a Bulgarian/ American architecture student and I study at Pratt Institute School of Architecture in New York City.

I am currently working at Pratt as a Research Assistant with Ajmal Aqtash.

The project name is Homi(num)reditus meaning- the return of man.

The program is an academy of your choice in Wave Hill, NY.

When working on the project I left the original building which is a gallery. The new proposal is intended to create a journey of the mind from the conscious mind represented as the original building to the subconscious mind which is represented by the new proposal. The gallery spaces from the original proposal and new proposal will intertwine to create a transition between two worlds. The academy itself is set in the near future where extraterrestrial life is being explored. The academy being a center for research of extraterrestrial plant species and how they can be used to create architecture that can be grown.