204_Ellen Wong: Homonym Typology 

Ellen Wong

From Brooklyn, New York. Fifth year student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.


Homonym Typology

Within Homonym Typology, a suburban house is no longer an isolated entity, it engages with neighboring units to form a community. Each unit have common formation parts to spatial whole relationship. Each duplex is made up of two uniquely designed units which are fused together to create a set of relationships which the experience of duality of the unit is completed, the full function of a house is achieved through the connection. The experience of spatial intersection is formed through having one entry point into the duplex where common areas are and diverge into individual living areas. Duplexes are fused in a row house typology to create a sense of community. The proximity of two duplexes form a space for interaction. 

Instagram username -  @eln_wong