234_Fabia Sainz: TRAIPSE

Fabia Sainz

I am from Madrid, Spain. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture at Savannah College of art and Design as a Junior. I have been moving around the US the last couple of years before I found my passion, Architecture. I lived in New York, Boston and now Savannah. I am still exploring all the possibilities of Architecture to find my spot in the community. I try to collect different  life experiences and reflect them in my projects and ideas. I believe we have a huge responsibility as designers not in the future, but now; today! When the future actually begins.

Instagram: @iamfabiasainz

The name of my project is TRAIPSE

It is a Conceptual Architecture Building- an Experiential Learning Center-

The journey from childhood to adulthood.

This project reflects the approach of Conceptual Architecture in order to design a Experiential Learning Center for 8 year old kids. The site is interrupted by the interaction of specific boundaries and shapes that make the student explore different aspects of the growth of the mind and body while learning. Each scenario has particular characteristics that can help the student to self-explore and share in order to learn. The key spaces of the project are reflected in the following words:

Transition - Patience

Enclosure - Focus

Openness - Communication

Individual - Independence

Reflection - Self-correction

Sustainable - Lifestyle and growth