94_Alex Varvar, Advita Madan, Emily McKenna, Zakaria Boucetta: Forresta Vasta

Alex Varvar, Advita Madan, Emily McKenna, Zakaria Boucetta

Zakaria Boucetta: Age:24 / University of Toronto / Canadian&Portuguese Group team: Alex Varvar, Advita Madan, Emily McKenna, Zakaria Boucetta

Forresta Vasta

Urban redesign of the raildeck in Toronto. Implementing a "vast forrest" with new urban form typologies across the cities skyline. Letting the architecture be influenced by the typologies of the trees and its structural diversity. This project was a group urban design project of “super- studio”. The whole semester is dedicated in urban scale design projects and quick projects where we intervene with a logical concept for sites around Toronto. My proposal here was to bring a certain variable of typologies towards the site that is already urbanly densed with a mix of low rise and highrise strategy. The typologies were to cohesively mix with a forrest we were proposing ontop of a raildeck track. This massive forrest was to buffer both the current city place development and a new typological strait on the other side of the street.

These are collage perspectives I did for the views inside and around the ty- pologies and forrest.