279_Matteo Gawlak and Riccardo Gialloreto: The New Yorker

Matteo Gawlak and Riccardo Gialloreto from Italy: “We are a team of two architecture students currently enrolled to the master course of Architectire in the Politecnico of Milan. Believing into innovation and technology, shaping the future of the cities and our daily lifes, releasing the project from its contraints, giving space to ideas to shape reality. We saw the opportunity to design as entertainment of today and architecture as urban destination of tomorrow, with a pop aspect involving the curiosity of who is outside.”

University: Politecnico di Milano

Professor(s): Paola Pleba

Name of Project: The New Yorker

Project Description: Opposite to the anonymous architecture of the skyscrapers that don’t take in account the context of the city, its identity, and the lifestyle, The New Yorker wants to be a specific answer for the city of New York, land where high-rise buildings were born.

Starting from the reality of the different neighborhood and city blocks that composed the city, the typical floor of the tower is transformed into a piece of it, re-proposing the characteristics of the neighborhood selected and preserving the different realities of the city for the future development.


Instagram Username: @popupdesignlab