187_Georgia Pogas : Oozes and Goozes

Georgia Pogas

Georgia Pogas is from Carmel, IN and is a fourth year architecture student at Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning. She currently is the Vice President of Ball State’s American Institute of Architecture Students Chapter, and the co-editor in chief of GLUE Publication, the college’s student publication. 

Oozes and Goozes Fort Wayne Center for the Performing Arts 

Oozes and Goozes Fort Wayne Center for the Performing Arts celebrates the movement of the body by engaging varying scales of performing arts through proximity. Through studying Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) and the process of kitbashing and subtle manipulation of primitive objects, including spheres, cubes, and cones, a formal language emerges through the development of a new object. Objects ooze out from one another, and the glazing oozes down off the structure. To ooze is to imply fluidity and movement, which inspires the form and the program within. The size of the openings in the building reflect the activity occurring within: a larger opening indicates a larger space and activity, while serving as a natural spotlight for the performer.

The shapes created allow for natural activity: where there is a dip in the form, an auditorium is located. Where there is intersection, a change in program is introduced. A scalar relationship is developed among three different auditoriums, each of which allow for different scale performances, thus challenging the degrees of public versus private spaces through proximity. For instance, a guest practicing yoga, a more intimate art located in a smaller studio, can be found near an auditorium where a large scaled performance is occurring. This proximity in program allows the individual to gain inspiration from other arts, progressing the fluidity of art from space to space.

Instagram: @georgia_pogas

Issuu: https://issuu.com/georgiapogas/docs/pogas_portfolio