324_Ghadeer Mohammed: The Discrepancy

Ghadeer Mohammed from Kuwait; “I'm an architecture student at Kuwait University. I'm interested in 3d modeling, graphic design and exploring 3d software in general. In my opinion, the word architecture can be many things, so there is no one single definition of what architecture actually is or in another word everyone has his own definition of architecture and that what makes architecture so special and unique.”

University: Kuwait University

Professor(s): Mishari Alawadhi-Hala Alessa

Instagram Username: @ghadeer.alk_

Name of Project: The Discrepancy

Project description:

Thesis statement: How can the formal operations in architecture help to re-activate al-andalus complex?

Brief concept

The thesis started with simple question which was how can subtraction in architecture be an addition? So the thesis explores different ways of applying formal subtraction in architecture.

Al-andalus complex was built in 1960 and now its under threat of demolition. The thesis challenges the typical form of many adaptive reuse projects by introducing a new approach or formal experimentation that can be applied for many buildings. A deep formal analysis was required to understand the formal composition of the existing buildings and then by applying different experimentations it allows to re-interpret the existing complex formally. And finally, a virty of formal operations introduced in each block which changes its formal composition and allows the building to accommodate a new mixed use program.

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