125_Giada Maria Pillitteri: Disassemble and Reassemble Palermo North #19

Giada Maria Pillitteri and I just graduated from the University of Palermo with a Master’s Degree in Architecture on October 2016 (Arch. Gaetano Licata as Supervisor).

Complete title of thesis: DISASSEMBLE AND REASSEMBLE PALERMO NORTH #19. The “invisible back” of Viale Strasburgo

Supervisor: Arch. Gaetano Licata Assistant Supervisor: Arch. Isabella Fera

Subject of the thesis: Lecture of the contemporary city, Urban regeneration.

Location: Expansion North Area of Palermo

Key words: transformability, back sides, architectural transformation, urban reconversion


My thesis is insert in a currently research from 2007 (professors: Roberto Collovà/Gaetano Licata) about the potential of the transformation in the expansion north area of Palermo. Starting from observations about the study area emerges a North Palermo shaped by a double face: the facades show themselves as the “representative’s fronts”, the “planned” side of buildings and almost originals, who oppose the backs, internal and hidden parts that, changed over time, include heterogeneous "additions", arising from the needs of the inhabitants.

The general hypothesis is to consider the flexibility behind the facades of the buildings as a potential, and make it the starting point for any processing operation. By crossing this possibility with new qualitative and quantitative needs of the individual inhabitants - smaller and flexible cuts of the apartments, public areas, housing energy improvements - were drawn to transformation strategies at the urban scale and to the entire condominium.