115_Greg Sheward: RISE

Greg Sheward

Study for a Masters at Pratt Institute/ Bachelors of Architecture at Ball State University/ Currently work as a Robotics Monitor at Pratt Institute and the Consortium for Research and Robotics/ I am from Marion, IN

Instagram: @gregsheward


Project Thesis (11.2.2016)

Housing as an expression of architecture – must have architectural presence

New York City’s population has continuously been on the rise, expected to reach 9 million people over the next 23 years.  The need for affordable housing is playing a predominant roll in this growth.  This increasing need for housing provides an opportunity for housing to play a prevailing role in the advancement of architecture. Housing has fallen victim to the standardization of the New York City building code.  Now is the time to push the concept of what urban housing can be.  The goal of this studio is to focus on this question.

In order to achieve this goal, there will be a focus on the interior organization of space and an exterior façade articulation.  The Makers Movement and the rise in “makerspaces” provides an opportunity to bring industrial spaces back to Williamsburg, Brooklyn,  as well as an outward expression of fabricators technology to the façade of this housing/ urban mix-use project.  Leading technologies in parametric design (Grasshopper) and manufacturing (Robotics) allow for architecture to push the envelope of what housing can be. Today’s society allow for housing to move to the forefront of architectural emphasis.