303_Hazem Talaat: [Re]thinking [Re]drawing : [Un]finished Architecture

Hazem Talaat from Egypt: I am an experimental architect and visual artist, born in cairo, egypt. [ 1990 - 2015 ], based in italy. [ 2015 - ongoing ], master degree at politecnico di milano. [ 2018 ]

Website: http://www.hazemtalaat.com/architecture/


University: Politecnico di Milano

Professor(s): Michele Roda, Cecilia Anselmi

Name of Project: [re]thinking [re]drawing : [un]finished architecture

Project Description: [re]thinking [re]drawing architecture: is a visual study based on photography research, on the potential value of [un]finished buildings in Mediterranean countries specifically Southern Italy and Spain. Where incomplete ruins act as an invitation to manifest unorthodox thoughts of completion, utilizing new experimentation on a technique of [re]drawing.

Photos by: Amélie Labourdette, Loïc Vendrame

Instagram Username: @hazem_talaat