160_Hieu Nguyen


Advisor: Spina Marcelo
Contemporary architecture of towers have certain characters and languages in themselves. They are  intended to reveal interior elements to exterior understanding while the facade is to inform the certain order and logics of the towers. 

The thesis is emphasised in the study of contemporary characteristics in towers in order to create the new typologies in the  tower where misreading and misfit between exterior and  interior are introduced. By using certain element of contemporary aspects (such as typical floor plans), the thesis tries to create familiar characters while unfamiliar those characters to create misunderstanding between the old  and the new of architecture elements. 

The project is designed based on the familiar characters and typical simple floor types which is stacked on each other. The simple floor types create the familiar and quick adapt in term of using the spaces. There are certain 2 main types of floors. The first type is consisted of one continuous spaces without interruption. The second one has 2 main spaces which is separated by the core. These simple plan type is introduced for easy adaption of the human understanding in architecture spaces for better uses. The terraces are inserted to every floor to maximize the benefit of using fresh air to every users in the tower from every floor. The idea of distributed terraces in the tower to break the traditional and typical sky gardens in tower in which very limit in numbers and not everyone can benefit from it.