107_​Houman Khosravi​: Music for Housing


Houman Khosravi

From University of South Florida. Advanced Design B studio - Fall 2015 below. The project was the finalist for the AIA-Tampa bay award 2015 for outstanding design.

Professor: Josue Robles

Project Site: London, Silver Town

The first exercise of of the semester was to craft a conceptual construct based on design intuition as well as my preconceived notions and views of London. Using mechanical found objects, I created three scenarios to build off of, each would become its own construct.

Next, I spatially and diagrammatically analyzed the series of models, resulting in a drawn plan and section which directly influenced the overall final construct.

Following our site visit in London we were given the program. The program revolved around the creation of social housing which would eliminate the effects of “poor door” on the community through a 3rd space. My proposed 3rd space was a public attraction titled “Music for Housing”. Simply explained as a program for musicians with low income to teach musical lessons to visitors as well as residents of the community, in exchange for a free stay at the on-site hotel.

To attract more visitors as well as increase pedestrian traffic through the site, a sloped green plaza was designed to welcome the public. To further activate the area, the sloped landscape also accommodated retail shops at the ground level which received natural light through skylights in the plaza above.

The program required two types of housing to be intermixed: market rate and affordable housing. Through elevated pathways, I was able to connect all residential buildings as well as encourage residents to cross paths on a daily basis. The multipurpose pathways essentially created a more private park for residents to enjoy a rare sunny day and provided shelter for shoppers and occupants in the space below on a rainy day. The elevated walkways would reinforce my design strategy of creating a hospitable and safe environment for all residents and visitors.

Building types:

  • Residential:

o   Tower

o   Market rate apartments

o   Attainable apartments

  • Commercial:

o   Shopping Plaza

o   Hotel

o   Restaurants and café

o   Museum and music exhibition