337 / Ireny Abrahim: MWO (Multi Worker's Occupancy)

Ireny Abrahim from Cairo, Egypt; “I'm a 3rd year going into my 4th year of Architecture school, I study in San Francisco at California College of the Arts. I just finished my 4 main core Architecture studios and will be going onto Advanced studios next fall semester. I have enjoyed learning many things in architecture, but I must say the two that stood out for me and I really enjoy would be Urban Design, thanks to my studio 4 professors ( Janette Kim, Antje Steinmuller and Julia Grinkrug) and Digital Craft, thanks to my studio 3 professor (Adam Marcus).”

University: California College of the Arts

Professor(s): Antje Steinmuller, Julia Grinkrug

Instagram Username: @irenyabrahim

Name of Project: MWO (Multi Worker's Occupancy)

Project Description: This studio was about Home Economics, understanding housing in different scales. This housing project focused on worker's housing by understanding the current living conditions in a worker's household. In the current state of a worker's housing around the world, workers feel forced to live within their work sites. This creates a segregation between low and high income workers. Within San Francisco, being one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially in the SoMa district most workers are either migrant or immigrants who live where they work. This project responds to the issue of crammed living by inviting high income and low income workers into one community.