Irvin Shaifa

I currently study architecture at the University of Kentucky perusing a undergraduate degree. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia and reside currently in Lexington, Kentucky. My aspirations with architecture to produce the new movement of what architecture is capable of through the tools of our generation. I wish to become an architect for lesser countries and aid 3rd world problems through design intent.


Formulate II are diagrammatic works depicting at a microscopic level the morphosis phases or architecture rather then creating a representation. The concept involves core believes taught to us in architecture such as massing, and challenges what we are taught at an alpha stage, and formulating it in a visionary manner. The results bring descriptive rendering and drawing overlays that shift the architect into the scientist to later question form development and facade control.The Process of Alphaformulate includes facade studies of deconstruction and reconstruction. It also includes studies of mitochondria and cell reproduction as a major influence when creating its forms. The most import aspects of Alphaformulate are its intentions to not idealize the beauty of morphosis, rather to challenge its definition.

It isn't form creation, nor the dynamics of architecture, rather the titles that speak to a more sociological "standard" that has detached architecture from nature. By designing at a microscopic point of view, it brings architecture back as a natural process.