214_Iryady Redzuan: Georgetown Design Cultivation Museum


Iryady Redzuan Rozaidi
Master of Architecture Programme 

University Technology MARA, Malaysia


Born on 1991, in Penang Malaysia he has been accounting his fundamental architecture in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) for bachelor degree of science in architecture. Apposing as President of Architectural Student Association for three semester in UiTM Perak has develop his leading ability to enhance other potential in organisation. Organizing architecture event in university event and managing the International Architectural Workshop as Deputy President II which is joint organized by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM). Participating in several architecture competition such as Homeless Centre organize by DBKL, PAM, Forest Reserve Facility Competition by Forestry Perak and LATITUDES International Design Challenge. Developing his skill in architecture after degree at Arkitek Azman Zainonabidin Architecture Firm as assistant architect and manage to occupy the management dexterity from the principal of the firm Ar. Azman Z. Pursuing his practical experience to Arkitek MAA Sdn. Bhd. Which is one of larger and more prominent architectural and planning consultancy firm in Malaysia. As an assistant architect, he involve in the Ikano MyTOWN Project, Cochrane, a super-regional lifestyle centre for family and friends at the fringes of the central business district with integration of MRT station. After experiencing working stage, he is currently seeking his Master of architecture Part II in UiTM Shah Alam. Working on his first urban project of design a successful city of Georgetown heritage site. Redzuan lives on trough beautiful landscape of architecture experience from self adventure in various country to accumulate understanding and knowledge to be apprehend in future works and projects, looking forward to bestow his skill and experience on developing a more joyful community rebrand for the social, environment and country.


Georgetown Design Cultivation Museum


Collective Space + Reflexivity Order

The principal of collective space in architecture is to inspire regarding the introversion of public experience towards a building, the intervention on how people interact with the space, and how the space then interacts with the world. Mainly a social space where public are connected throughout the urbanism of the city. The phraseology of public space expanse in a range for people to meet, congregate, chat, and even loiter. Inventing simultaneously innovative and selfless spaces in corporate through the fuse of form and function, creating beauty towards the space. These public space can be reinvented with the ideology of reflexivity order which embrace the cultivation of designing among public that inspired by the building and its environment. It can be relate to the design goals, utilizing critical thinking by various method, processes and/or tools with the help of identity provided by the design itself.

This design thesis will studies about the reinvention typology of public expanse through interactive approach in design museum and how it can intervent in the cultivation and dispersion of ideas and enrichment of creative thinking.